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Climate Communication with Children - A Handbook for Climate-Minded Parents and Caregivers

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In an entertaining, encouraging, and empowering way, this e-book addresses one of the many challenges posed by the climate crisis: communication.

This e-book aims to encourage parents and caregivers to let their children grow up with the truth about the climate crisis. It's painful. After all, we would like our children to grow up in an ideal world and give them a secure, carefree childhood. However, the two are not contradictory.

The following questions will be answered:

  • How can we talk to children about the climate crisis?
  • Can we inform our children without scaring them?
  • As a caregiver, how well do I need to know about the climate issue?
  • At what age does it make sense to talk about the climate crisis?
  • What do I need to consider when talking to a toddler, what to a teenager about the climate crisis?
  • How can I deal with my own emotions?

Talking is important and communication is elemental to making people aware of the impact of the climate crisis. Modeling environmentally and climate friendly living is a big part of climate communication with kids.

This book is for you if you have children of your own or are part of the oft-cited "village" for a family. I would like to encourage you to deal with the climate crisis and the communication of the climate crisis within the family. Climate communication is an attitude. We must not tire of looking for new visions and solutions, because we especially need them. This book can be a first or a further step for you to become active in the way that suits you personally.

Thank you for addressing the issue of the climate crisis. It is simply better to fight together!

Author Veronika Rivera studied conservation and landscape design and journalism and writes about parenting in the climate crisis as a freelance journalist. On her Instagram account @vero.nika.rivera, she informs and manages an active climate parenting community. In 2022, the network "Climate Parents" emerged from this. Together with her husband, she runs an organic farm and actively cares for a future fit for grandchildren. The family lives in Spain with their children.

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An entertaining, encouraging, and empowering handbook for climate communication with children

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Climate Communication with Children - A Handbook for Climate-Minded Parents and Caregivers

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